We’re thrilled you’re interested in shopping at a Grapevine Events sale!


Our upcoming events are listed on our home page; you can also find them via our Facebook page. Generally, we hold sales in the spring and the fall. Each sale has a focus, either children’s clothing and equipment or women’s clothing and household equipment.

Shopping at a consignment sale is like going to a multi-family yard sale – only better! Dozens of families sell their gently-used items in one spot, but instead of each person having a table, the items are arranged like a thrift store. You shop by category and the prices are clearly marked – no haggling. Everything is paid for together at the check out. We accept cash and debit. 

Each event also has a designated discount shopping time just before the sale ends. Many items will be marked at 50% off.


Some other common questions:


How do I carry items around while I’m shopping?

We welcome you to bring laundry baskets, large reusable shopping bags, rolling carts, etc. to hold your items while shopping. We offer IKEA bags for use and/or purchase on site.


What are the prices like?

Items are priced by each seller, so you may see a variation even between similar items. We encourage sellers to ask roughly one-third of the retail price, depending on the quality of the item. Sellers are able to print price tags as low as $1 and as high as $500.


Do you charge sales tax?

Yes, we are required as a business to charge sales tax on the items.


What do I do with large items I want to buy; will you hold them?

We do offer a hold area at our events.


Can we try on clothing at the sale?

There are change rooms created for our women’s sales. As there may sometimes be a wait, we also encourage you to wear leggings and a tank top for a quick check.


I purchased an item that is broken/doesn’t work/missing a piece/soiled. What can I do?

As this is a consignment sale, we can not accept returns or connect you with a particular seller. If you have purchased something that is faulty, please contact us and we will work to address the issue.

We do have a Quality Control station and work to ensure items are in good condition when they arrive. Look for our stickers on items that require batteries; a sticker means it has been checked on site. If you are wondering about an item that does not have a sticker, take it to our Quality Control area. If you find clothing that is stained, please alert a Team Member who can bring it to Quality Control.


What happens to items that aren’t sold?

Each seller has the opportunity to reclaim their unsold items, or to donate them to the charity of the sale’s choice. If you operate a group that would like to be the recipient of our unsold items, please contact us.


upcoming events

Grapevine Events organizes seasonal pop-up consignment sales in New Brunswick.

We currently host a sale featuring children's clothing & items twice a year in Saint John, and a women's clothing & household items sale in the Greater Moncton area.

For details on joining us as a consignor, or having an event in your area, contact us at info@grapevineevents.ca



Grapevine’s Fall Pop-Up Consignment Sale
Sept 23 & 24, 2022
Saint John's Exhibition Park

upcoming events

Grapevine Events organizes pop-up sales throughout New Brunswick. We hold events in the spring and in the fall. If you don’t see your community on our list of upcoming events and think we should come to your town, please let us know! info@grapevineevents.ca


Upcoming Events

Grapevine's Fall Pop-Up Consignment Sale Sept 25 & 26, 2020 Saint John Exhibition Park https://www.facebook.com/events/580343569546552/

Watch for more events to be added soon!

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