Grapevine Events grew out of a love of helping a non-profit group organize large consignment sales.

How can my group fundraise at a Grapevine Events Sale?

Consider this a group yard sale without the set up! Your organization can sign up and receive a seller number. Collect as many items from as many members and supporters as you can. Tag them and drop them off; we do the rest.

You will receive 70% commission on all items sold (individual sellers begin at 65%). Please contact Grapevine Events directly to register as a fundraising group to ensure you earn this commission.

If you refer another fundraising group to Grapevine Events, you earn 2% of that group’s commission (paid out of Grapevine’s portion) at their first sale.

If you refer other individual sellers to Grapevine Events (not other fundraising groups), you earn 2% of that seller’s commission at their first sale. There is no limit on the number of sellers your group can refer for this benefit.

What other fundraising options are there?

Grapevine Events grew out of a love of helping a non-profit group organize large consignment sales. We remain committed to helping the community whenever we can. If you are trying to organize a fundraiser, we’d love to discuss ways we can help. Here are a few options:

  • We can partner with you to run a garage sale that would benefit from using our equipment, contacts, and skills. We can reach out to our volunteer base for additional helping hands.
  • We can provide a discounted vendor booth to your group.
  • We can ask for donations at checkout.

Please contact us to discuss your fundraising needs and we’ll work on a plan.

We organize pop-up thrift sales – online & in person! – in New Brunswick, Canada. Our Saint John Baby & Kids’ Gear Sale has been running since 2017!

Tired of no-shows from online buy/sell/trade deals? No time to haggle? Sign up to sell your quality used items with us; we’ll bring in the shoppers and deal with all that!

The best way to grab the best deals at our sales is to be a Team Member; we thank you for giving us your time by letting you shop first at our events.


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