Selling through Grapevine


Who can sell with Grapevine Events?


What can I sell?

It depends on the sale. Some sales are focused on children’s items. Others focus on women’s clothes. Each sale will have a specific list of accepted items. We do not limit based on brand; however, Grapevine Events does impose quality control standards.

How do I register to sell at an event?

Everyone is welcome to join our events; please find the sale you’re interested in on the event page and follow the links to register. You can also email us at

There are several ways to take part!


Seller Option One:

You prepare and price all your items, following Grapevine Events’ quality control policies (full instructions are emailed upon registration – and we have Facebook Seller Groups to help you out!), and drop them off to the venue the day before the sale. We take care of all the marketing & selling. You return to pick up any unsold items – unless you choose to donate them to our local charity partner.

Sellers choosing this option keep a minimum 65% commission on all sales; you can increase this to a maximum of 80% through referrals and joining us as a Team Member at the event.  


Seller Option Two: Busy Mom Tagging Service
(only available in Saint John for our children’s sale)

Not ready to spend time pricing and dropping off your items? No problem! You can use our Busy Mom Tagging Service! We’ll connect you with an experienced Seller who will price your items and bring them to the sale. You will receive a minimum commission of 40% on all sales; the Tagging Associate will also receive a small percentage. You can also increase you commission rate by joining us as a Team Member. 


Do I get my own table?

No, you price all your items, but we help you arrange them by size, style, etc. so that the shoppers have the best experience – helping your items sell faster than in a typical garage sale style set-up. We also HANG the clothing; you are responsible for providing your own hangers (but you can claim bundles of them at the end of each sale to prepare for next season!).


How do I know what price to ask?

Price setting is entirely up to each seller, but we do send you detailed instructions and a pricing guideline when you register. Here are a few basic tips:

  • Consider how much you would pay for the item at the sale.
  • Check around to see what other people are asking for similar items in online buy & sell markets.
  • Items that are NWT (new with tags) often sell for about half the original price depending on the brand, etc.
  • Most quality used items will sell for about one-third of the original price or lower, depending on the condition, the brand name, etc.


How do you know how much I sell?

Registered Sellers use our computerized system to print price tags with barcodes. Everything is tallied automatically at the check out.


How do I get my money?

A commission cheque is mailed two to four weeks after the sale.


Is there a fee?

Yes, there is a $10 registration fee for each seller. Sellers using our Busy Mom Tagging Service must also pay a $10 supply fee directly to their Tagging Associate at drop off.


How much stuff can I sell?

How much do you have? At this time, our sales do not limit the number of items a seller can drop off, except for women’s clothing (limit is 40 items, excluding outerwear), women’s shoes (may vary by season, generally 15 pairs), and infant clothing items (50 pieces per size, per gender).


Do I get to shop early at the sale?

Our earliest shopping opportunities go to our team members who help out at each event. Sellers do receive free entry at a designated time, earlier than the general public.


Do you accept vendors at your events?

Yes, complementary vendor markets are a key part of our events. If you have a business and would like to join us, reach out!



upcoming events

Grapevine Events organizes seasonal pop-up consignment sales in New Brunswick.

We currently host a sale featuring children's clothing & items twice a year in Saint John, and a women's clothing & household items sale in the Greater Moncton area.

For details on joining us as a consignor, or having an event in your area, contact us at



Grapevine’s Fall Pop-Up Consignment Sale
Sept 23 & 24, 2022
Saint John's Exhibition Park

upcoming events

Grapevine Events organizes pop-up sales throughout New Brunswick. We hold events in the spring and in the fall. If you don’t see your community on our list of upcoming events and think we should come to your town, please let us know!


Upcoming Events

Grapevine's Fall Pop-Up Consignment Sale Sept 25 & 26, 2020 Saint John Exhibition Park

Watch for more events to be added soon!

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