Wondering if you should sign up to sell your stuff with Grapevine Events? Here are three reasons why you should! (The details on how selling works can be found here.)

1. Get Paid to Purge!

It’s scientific – clutter leads to stress! Whether you’ve been in hard core KonMari mode or are just tired of moving aside (again!) that pile of clothes no one is wearing or the baby toys your kindergartner hasn’t played with in years, we want you!

If you’re new to the idea, don’t worry! We have tips and videos to help you along the way. We offer pricing advice, though you’re always in charge of what you ask for an item. We have Facebook groups where other sellers ask for advice and offer suggestions.

2. Shop Early!

It’s great to empty the house of the things you no longer need, but sometimes they do need to be replaced. As a Grapevine Events Seller, you’re invited to shop before the public. This gives you a great opportunity to enjoy a quieter shopping experience and to grab the best deals.

Looking to be FIRST to shop? You’ll have to sign up to volunteer, too – but there’s an added bonus: every four hours you volunteer at the sale ALSO increases you commission percentage, up to 80%.

3. Help Your Community!

Selling your gently-used clothing & items with Grapevine Events allows other families in your community a chance to save money and time by shopping for all these items at once, rather than chasing down deals on buy/sell/trade groups online.

Each Grapevine Events Seller also has the option to donate some or all of their unsold items to a local charity or non-profit. We partner with various groups in each of our locations to ensure that items will get to those who need them.

Supporting Grapevine Events also supports the organizations that enter our sales as Super Sellers for Fundraising.

So, what do you think? Ready to sell? Have more questions? Email us today to get started! info@grapevineevents.ca!