Sometimes it can be hard to get started when signing up to sell items via a consignment sale. We know. We’ve been there. So let’s get you started!

The very first thing we want you to do is designate a space in your home as your “tagging space”. Many sellers even designate a room as their “tagging room”. Pick a space where you can leave out your sale items and supplies so that you can easily prep a few items when you find a few spare minutes. I personally use my spare bedroom. The spare bed is a great gathering spot for all the items that I want to sell and the dresser works as a great space to do the actual tagging.

Then, you need to familiarize yourself with our Accepted Items List. We’ve attached it here for easy reference.
OK. Now it’s time to start opening closets and pulling out items that you no longer use but that are of good quality. Items should not be stained, broken, torn, ripped, or missing pieces.

Still overwhelmed? Then let’s think about priority items for this sale. Our sales are SEASONAL. This means that we only accept winter coats in our fall sale and flip flops are only allowed in our spring sale. For this sale, focus on pulling out winter coats, boots, hats and mittens that are no longer worn. Got any winter sporting goods that have been gathering dust in the basement or garage – we expect sleds and snowshoes to be great sellers! What about holiday decorations that you no longer use but are still in great shape? Grab them next!
This is our first time trying out a women’s sale. At this stage, we’re guessing on which items will sell well and which won’t. As we go along, we’ll refine our Accepted Items List so that our sellers will only prepare items that sell the best. Here’s our thoughts on what we think will sell well:

  • Winter wear for both men and women
  • Winter sporting equipment for the whole family
  • Women’s accessories – jewelry, purses, handbags, watches and scarves
  • Women’s footwear – especially if you’re a common size (i.e. 7-9)
  • Holiday decorations as long as it’s not dated
  • Holiday clothing – dressy clothing for the whole family as well as clothing that is holiday-themed (i.e. Christmas pyjamas and sweaters)

We accept women’s clothing of all types and sizes from petites to plus to maternity. We allow work wear, scrubs, exercise wear, and casual clothes. When selecting your items to sell (especially if time is tight), pick your best items first. Clothing that is in great shape, in style, and season-specific will sell first. Think warm sweaters, wool pants, cozy casuals. Save your short sleeves and light fabrics for the spring – they’ll sell better then.

Remember! Once you sell in one of our sales, your seller number is yours FOREVER. This means that if you have some items that don’t sell (which we all will), you can simply store these items to be sold in a future sale without having to re-tag them (unless you choose to lower the price)!

Once you’ve collected all your items, make sure to look them over well for any stains. Clothing should be washed and wrinkle-free. Other items should be wiped clean and checked to make sure that they aren’t broke or missing pieces. Items that are clean and displayed-well will sell first!

That’s it for this week! So go raid your closets, garages and basements! Next week, we’ll get you out of the house with tips on what supplies you’ll need to make your price tags and attach them to your items.

Cary and Jenna